Songs of Memory in Islands of Southeast Asia

Songs of memory flyer1This collection of twelve essays edited by Nicole Revel at Cambridge Scholar Publishing is the most recent achievement of ongoing studies of performances by singers of tales and ritualists in contemporary socio-cultural contexts by means of pioneering initiatives in the Digital Humanities, multiple analytical approaches and expert use of our growing technical capacity to safeguard and explore Intangible Heritage.

Part I:  Chanted Narratives Intangible Heritage in Today’s World

Chanted Landscapes -Fernando N. Zialcita  

Paul Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics of Capable Human Being:  Ethical Implications of Epic Narratives –Leovino Ma. Garcia

Vivid and Virtual Memory-Nicole Revel

Part II:  The Voice, the Music, the Word

Mangalimog Ako: Finding One’s Voice in Sugidanon ‘Epic Chanting’ –Maria-Christine Muyco

Speech and Songs in the Toraja Highlands – Dana Rappoport 

Madness and Recovery: Rite, Renewal, and the Ring Form in T’boli Epic Song  – Manolete Mora

The Chanted Ifugao Alim and Hudhud: Ritual-Drama and Heroic Stories- Rosario Bona de Santos del Rosario

Part III: Interpreting as an Art

Epic as a Means to Control the Memory and Emotions of Gods and Humans: Ritual Implications of the Hudhud Epics among the Ifugao and the Kalanguya- Maria Stanyukovich

From the Founding Epic to a Millennarian Unknown, Moken’ Answer  to Contemporary History-Jacques Ivanoff

The Spoor of the Mythical Sailfish: Narrative Topology and Narrative Artefacts  in Southwest Maluku (Indonesia) and Tutuala (East-Timor)-Aone van Engelenhoven

Epics in the Early Spanish Philippines Revisited- Brandon Reilly 

Hang Tuah, the Culture Hero: Interpreting Memory-Muhammad Haji Salleh

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