Représentation de la SFE à l’ICTM de Shanghai (11-17 juillet 2013)

La SFE est l’instutition représentant en France l’International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM). Plusieurs membres de la SFE seront présents lors du 42e congrès de l’ICTM à Shanghai. Voici la liste de leurs interventions.

Assembly of the National and Regional Representatives

Susanne Fürniss

Communications de membres de la SFE et intitulés des sessions

IB2 Interrogating the Concept of Tradition

Evacuating « Tradition » in the Creativity Process of Contemporary Seychellois’ Musicians and Dancers or the Desire to be « Modern. » Marie-Christine Parent

IB6 Traditional African Music in Contemporary Contexts

The Musical Patrimonies of Bongo Pygmies from Gabon : Patrimonies under Influences. Sylvie Le Bomin

IB7 Festivals, Arts Policies, and Tradition

Musical Transculturation at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts: A Creative Approach to the Sustainability of Tradition in Francophone Pacific Islands. Geoffroy Colson

IIIA4 Multipart Music Making as Behavior and Construction Process: European Perspectives

« Sound Social Bodies » in the Gascon Pyrenees: Musical Strategies and Social Representations. Jean-Jacques Castéret

Multipart Singing Performances as Interaction of Identities. Ignazio Macchiarella

IIID7 Understanding and Performing Musical Pasts

Towards an Historically Informed Performance of Chinese Musics from the Past. François Picard

IIID10 Theory, Performance, and History

The Jewish Aspects of the Portuguese Romanceiro. Anne Caufriez

VC12 Issues and Challenges in Ethnographic Film and Video Documentation

Documentaries to Introduce an Intangible Cultural Heritage Project at UNESCO: A Critical Discussion: Yves Defrance

VIA4 New Identities in African Music

Performance and Identity Construction: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of the Bwiti Cult among the Fang (Gabon). Marie-France Mifune

VIA12 Workshop: Overtone Singing in Siberia (Tuva, Mongolia).

Tran Quang Hai

VIB Plenary Session: Ritual, Religion, and the Performing Arts. Anthony Seeger, chair

Sharing and Borrowing Rituals. Susanne Fürniss

VIIC12 Film Screenings

Music of the Minorities of Northern Afghanistan. Razia Sultanova

VIID4 New Directions in Middle Eastern Music

Ritual of Zâr on the Iranian Border of the Persian Gulf. Maryam Gharasou

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