47e conférence mondiale du Conseil International de Musique Traditionnelle (ICTM) 13-19 juillet, Ghana

47th ICTM World Conference, 13–19 July 2023, Legon, Ghana

Conference themes

1) African Music and Dance: Past, Present, and Future Approaches to Research
2) Decolonization in Music and Dance Studies
3) Music, Dance, and Well-Being: Impacts from and Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
4) Gender and Sexuality in Global Music and Dance
5) Popular Music, Dance, and Activism
6) Conflict and Peace-Making through Music and Dance
7) Exploring the Materials of Music and Dance: Instruments, Bodies, Technologies
8) New Research

Programme Committee
• Co-Chair: Marie Agatha Ozah (Nigeria)
• Co-Chair: Brian Diettrich (New Zealand)
• Sylvie Le Bomin (France)
• Beatriz Herrera Corado (Guatemala)
• George Worlasi Kwasi Dor (USA)
• Naomi Faik-Simet (Papua New Guinea)
• Michael Frishkopf (Canada)
• Alisha Lola Jones (USA)
• Frederick Lau (China)
• Christian Onyeji (Nigeria)
• Žanna Pärtlas (Estonia)
• Mayco Santaella (Malaysia)
• Cara Stacey (eSwatini)
• Kendra Stepputat (Austria)
• Daniel Kodzo Avorgbedor (Ghana, ex-officio)
• Lee Tong Soon (Singapore/USA, ex-officio)

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