Call for Articles: New Uses of Music in Media


Special Issue: New Uses of Music in Media
Trans-Transcultural Music Review

TRANS-Transcultural Music Review 16 (2012) will publish a special dossier on the new forms of music in audiovisual media. The dossier will be prepared in collaboration with the research group “Música y medios audiovisuales” from the Society for Ethnomusicology-SIBE/IASPM-Spain and will be edited by Teresa Fraile, Eduardo Viñuela, and María Edurne Zuazu.

For this dossier, we are particularly interested in the role of music in the emergence of new genres (such as mash-ups, lip-dubs, etc.) and in the transformation of the discursive strategies of the traditional media (film, TV programs, music videos, video games, etc.). The contemporary audiovisual panorama is constantly changing. On the one hand, there is a fruitful interchange between different genres and formats, such as the dialogue between music video, advertising and film; an interchange in which the music is deeply involved. This enables music to take different functions in the discourses of these media, thus transforming them, and at the same time, opens a new palette of expressive resources. On the other hand, the spread and democratization of new technologies has brought about these new musical genres that also imply new forms of consumption and point toward a different aesthetic framework.

Music is now at the core of a boiling, creative audiovisual production where its relationships with image and the other sound elements are not what they used to be, obliging us to rethink our approaches and understanding of the role of music in media.

We welcome contributions that approach these new phenomena and processes, especially those with an interdisciplinary perspective. Some topics include but are not limited to the following:

· Music and the blurring of media genres and formats.
· Sound art and image (sound installations, etc.).
· Music in film trailers.
· Audiovisual formats in live performance.
· New forms of consumption and technology.
· Rockumentaries or “making of” the album, band, etc.
· Production of music for and with mobile technology (cell phones, MP3 players, etc.).
· New theoretical models for media analysis.

We open the call for submission of articles on this topic.
Articles may be written in English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese.

Deadline for submitting originals: October 15, 2011.

For information on the editorial norms please visit here.

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