Birmingham Fellowships

Second round of our Birmingham Fellows programme

These are very generous post-doctoral fellowships, which provide you with five years of research focus, at the end of which the post will be transformed into a permanent position at senior lecturer or senior research fellow level. (For those of you not familiar with the UK system for academic rank, this is more or less equivalent to a tenured professorship in North American terms.)

There are a number of priority areas under which a music application might fit, but the programme is open to applications in any field.

In the Music Department we would be interested in receiving applications from researchers interested in areas including (but not limited to) sound analysis and synthesis; signal processing; audio spatialisation and spatial simulation; music computer informatics; experimental musical interface design; human-computer interaction for music; gestural control; tangible user interfaces; programming for audio, including experience with domain-specific computer music languages such as SuperCollider or Max/MSP; network audio; and audio recording and production. Experience as a composer is of course welcome, but not required.

(We’d also be interested in applications from people working within the fields of ethnomusicology and/or popular music studies. A Balinese gamelan specialist would be welcome, as we’re about to be given a kebyar set!)

Société française d'ethnomusicologie